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Young employees working unnecessary hours

Published: July 12, 2016

Many younger workers feel they need to do extra hours to boost their long-term career prospects, claims new research.

The study conducted by technology company Ricoh found that such a culture is increasing incidents of ‘presenteeism’ – when staff continue to work even if they are not feeling well because of fears of job security.

Ricoh discovered 67 per cent of employees aged between 18 and 26 have also exaggerated their workload in the hope of impressing their managers, while 41 per cent feel their line manager would view them more favourably if they worked beyond their contracted hours.

However, the survey found increased flexible working could help reduce workplace stress, but many workers believed it could impact on their career if they worked away from the office.

“Despite the government introducing new legislation to grant every employee the legal right to request flexible working [after 26 weeks of employment], it seems that businesses are still rewarding the idea that employees who work the longest hours at their desks – not those producing the best work – will be favoured by management,” said Phil Keoghan, chief executive officer of Ricoh UK and Ireland.

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