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Women lack flexible working options

Published: October 6, 2016

Many women do not have flexible working options to ensure a good life-balance or allow them to return to work after having children, according to a new report.

Digital Mums alongside the Centre for Economic Business Research (Cebr) concluded the lack of flexible working for mothers in the UK is preventing many women being able to work.

The study found 68 per cent of stay-at-home mums would be able to return to work if flexible working fitted around potential childcare arrangements.

Other mothers revealed they are forced to return to work because of financial circumstances, but often to jobs that do not accommodate family life.

In cases where women succeeded in obtaining flexible working arrangements, 55 per cent felt they had taken a role below their skill set in order to have a good work-life balance – highlighting the loss to the UK’s economy by having workers not making the most of their talents.

Digital Mums co-founder Kathryn Turner said: “While for some mums staying at home is a choice, our report shows that for a larger number their hands are tied because of a lack of flexible work options.

“In 2016, women shouldn’t have to choose between a rewarding career and motherhood. We need a societal shift to embrace flexible working as the ‘norm’ and not the exception.”

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