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UK named as third best country for employment

Published: January 18, 2016

The UK is the third best country when it comes to HR and recruitment, according to new findings.

A report unveiled by Glassdoor and written in conjunction with Llewellyn Consulting found that while jobseekers in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece struggled to find employment, those in Estonia, Norway and the UK fared much better.

The report measured countries based upon temporary employment, temporary youth employment and involuntary part-time work. It focussed on 16 countries across Europe and looked at several aspects of employment.

Speaking about the findings, Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain said: “European labour markets today are diverse and present myriad challenges — as well as opportunities — for job seekers. On the one hand, countries like the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland enjoy below-average unemployment.

“By contrast, Greece, Spain and Portugal have continued to struggle with double-digit unemployment and slow economic growth — partly due to inflexible labour market regulations that have proven difficult to reform in recent years.”

However, the report also warned that although the jobs market is starting to recover from the recession, the impact of it can still be felt in some places.

The research found that it is easier to find a higher paid or better quality job from employment, than it is from unemployment.

Furthermore, youth unemployment has dropped significantly in the UK. The figures show that rates of youth unemployment, having peaked at just over 20 per cent in 2011-12, are now down to 17 per cent.

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