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The big question – where do missing visitor cards go?

Published: November 17, 2016

Do you lose an inexplicable number of visitor cards throughout the year? Do your lanyards seem to disappear on a daily basis? We know they’re called ‘consumables’ but sometimes it’s easy to wonder where these supplies go.

You may be mistaken for thinking that all Mitrefinch do is develop and manage the latest HR software, that we simply install and maintain time management solutions for some of the biggest global brand and we’re consistently shortlisted for some of the industry’s biggest awards.

Well yes of course we do all of the above, and we do them very well! But Mitrefinch can also supply you with all of your consumable requirements.

So what do we supply?

Badges and Accessories – from blank plastic cards for programming, to finished badges produced by Mitrefinch for you, proximity fobs and cards, lanyards and accessories. We can supply them all.

Card Printers – Mitrefinch can supply you with the latest card printing technology too, with a variety of specifications including colour, double sided and high output printers.

Payslips – we can supply you with a full range of payslips from laser print, two and three part payslips, security, and pressure seal with window payslips. We have in fact sold well over 700 payslip boxes in the last year.

And with a new, easy to use, enquiry form, we’re making it even easier for you to place an order with us.

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