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Students expect annual pay rises

Published: August 5, 2016

Many students believe they will get an annual pay rise when they begin their graduate positon, according to new research.

The Expectations of Work report produced by the mobile app Debut surveyed 12,00 students to gather their opinions on a range of employment issues.

A total of 80 per cent expected it harder to get a job compared to their parents’ generation, but 85 per cent believe they will get a pay rise each year they are in work, with 34 per cent expected to be earning between £27,000 and £30,00 in their first graduate role.

In terms of retirement, 26 per cent expected to be able to retire between the age of 51 and 55, while 27 per cent felt they would stop work between 61 and 65.

Charles Taylor, chief executive officer at Debut, said: “The expectations and priorities of tomorrow’s workforce have largely changed from previous generations. It is vital that we are aware of this and adapt accordingly.

“Even the traditional recruitment process isn’t resonating with students, the future of the British workforce, and isn’t delivering the results that today’s top employers need. Organisations must adapt to reach and retain the best talent.”

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