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Scots enjoy flexible working

Published: October 5, 2016

Staff who are based at home in Scotland are some of the happiest workers in the region, according to a new index.

Created by the Bank of Scotland and YouGov, the Happiness index revealed the longer a person’s commute the unhappier they felt. The survey of more than 3,000 people asked them to rate their happiness level from 100 to minus 100.

Those who worked flexibly from home scored themselves 55.17, while those who commuted each day for more than an hour had an average index score of 29.58.

How people get to work also altered their mood, with people who walked to work the happiest with a score, while those who got to work by bus scored 34.62.

Graham Blair, from Bank of Scotland, said: “Scotland’s workforce is getting happier and it is clear that arrangements that allow people to work more flexibly are making a real difference.

“Those who work from home will be saving time and money on commuting costs while part-time working is a great option for busy families that have young children or other commitments.”

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