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Parents struggling to achieve work-life balance

Published: October 14, 2016

Many working parents in Scotland are unhappy with their current work-life balance, claims a new poll.

Research by the Family Friendly Working Scotland group found only 12 per cent of working parents in the region are happy with their ability to balance between their working life and home commitments.

However, 22 per cent raised concerns that they often had to miss out on family arrangements, such as school plays, because of their financial need to work.

The survey also found there was strong support for more companies to adopt flexible working practices to help employees achieve the ideal work-life balance.

Four out of ten parents would welcome flexible hours, while 22 per cent said they would like to work their set hours, without feeling under pressure to do additional hours – often unpaid.

Nikki Slowey, the voluntary group’s programme director, called on firms to consider offering more flexible solutions to staff.

She added: “As parents we want to support our children through the many milestones in their lives, whether that’s starting school, starring in their school play or preparing for important exams.

“But balancing this support alongside the demands of work can be very challenging, especially if your employer gives you little or no flexibility, or shows no understanding.”

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, the Scottish government’s minister for childcare and early years, Mark McDonald, stressed flexible working could have benefits for employers as well, with improved productivity and increased loyalty from workers.

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