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How managing the hours of your workforce can save you time and money

Published: August 29, 2018

For businesses, saving money and time is usually essential, no matter the company or the department. UK small businesses spend an average of 120 working days a year on administrative tasks such as invoices and recruitment, it is claimed, with an average of 5.6% of staff time used doing back-office tasks because they don’t have appropriate systems to deal with them*. Managing the hours of your workforce is essential, but can be bogged down by lengthy processes and unproductive tasks.

If you don’t have an automatic time and attendance system in place, you could be manually entering working hours for your workforce every month to send accurate reports to your payroll and accounts teams. Naturally, this is a time laborious task, and can result in many errors meaning your staff could be under or over-paid each and every month. Save yourself some time and money, and ready how automated time and attendance systems can benefit you and your business.

Tracking time and monitoring attendance is a drain on HR time, and is something that can be automated to free up HR time and ensure staff are getting accurate information, when they need it.

Your organisation could save huge amounts of money by implementing a system to automate your Time and Attendance. Not only do they reduce administration time and therefore save costs, but the systems also make sure staff aren’t clocking off early without telling anyone, leaving a void in the work that needs completing.

Managing hours - Mitrefinch

1. Give employees back time

Your team are your most precious commodity. Their hours are often whittled away with admin tasks that could be automated to save time and keep your staff on track. Reduce the need for your workforce to manually enter data and calculate hours to be paid on the other end to ensure they are working their valuable hours moving in the right direction.

Mitrefinch customer Yersley’s Stuart Carroll said:

“[The Mitrefinch solutions] mean that we’ve cut the four hours of manual data entry each week in half! We now spend two hours each week checking the system to reduce queries, ultimately saving us a further two to three hours per week.”


2. Stay on budget

By clocking time and attendance of your workforce manually, you could be either over paying or under paying your staff regularly. Mitrefinch’s time and attendance systems seamlessly integrate with payroll systems, meaning you’ll reduce the admin errors of overpaying staff and keep your workforce happy with reduce underpayments too.

Manual input can cause serious human error, which can be seriously costly for your business. With the right software in place, the chance for error is minimised meaning you can pay your workforce accurately. Budgets are tight, stay on top of them effectively by introducing a time and attendance system. Access to real-time information about punctuality and unplanned absence allows managers to act swiftly if needed – rather than at the end of the payment period, which is otherwise typically when regular late starts or cumulative sick leave are noticed.

Mitrefinch customer NCH Marketing talked about how our systems are saving them money:

“Having all three systems in place has simplified our working practices and considerably reduced duplication of information. It has definitively saved us money in terms of the cost of maintenance, time and improved efficiency. We reap a great number of advantages from running the systems. With accurate, up to date information at the touch of a button we can manage our staff more effectively, whilst at the same time providing a better HR service for our staff. Our payroll is much easier to manage onsite and the systems allow us to easily identify any problems with pay by checking hours on TMS.” Jayne, NCH Marketing’s HR Manager.


3. Keep your employees productive

Keep your employees on task and productive, by reducing the amount of time it takes to input their working hours. By using an automated time and attendance system, clocking in and clocking out is as simple as a touch of a button or flick of a card, meaning your workforce have more time to keep on task and help you achieve your organisational goals.

Mitrefinch’s time and attendance systems also allow your employees to submit holiday, flex-leave and other requests for approval fast, without the need of waiting for your manager to be free for a conversation. Bottleneck removed, employees on task and managers reduce admin time – what’s not to like?

Interested in finding a time and attendance solution that will suit your needs? Get in touch with us today to hear about our bespoke and customisable solutions on 03307260066 or

Managing hours - Mitrefinch

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