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Govt must adapt to flexible working

Published: October 7, 2016

It is vital for government to embrace flexible working and improve work-life balance otherwise it could rise losing talented women, claims the Scottish government’s permanent secretary.

Leslie Evans, speaking to CSW, explained there is a disappointing number of women who have top roles within the UK’s civil service.

There are currently just four female permanent secretaries in roles in the UK, but Ms Evans believes offering more flexible working options could help address this imbalance and make the top level positions more appealing.

“I think there’s a number of reasons why that’s happened,” she said.

“We always say it takes time – and I am impatient for change, but it does take time. I also think people sometimes look at these jobs and think: ‘Do I want to do that job?”

She added senior civil servants often have to make “sacrifices” and the organisation needs to take steps to make the role appeal to those who have the right talent and skills to succeed.

With recent advances in technology, it has become easier for firms to facilitate flexible working practices with the development of cloud solutions.

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