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Employers urged to deal with work-related stress

Published: July 19, 2016

The growing problem of workplace stress could be having a significant impact on both employers and staff so firms should be doing more to tackle the issue, claims the CIPD.

A recent Labour Force Survey discovered work-related stress, depression and anxiety were caused by pressure to meet tough deadlines, a lack of manager support and extra responsibility.

Mark Beatson, chief economist at the CIPD, believes companies need to be more aware how to handle work-related stress before it impacts on productivity in the workplace or leads to staff absence.

“A lot of work-related stress starts off with overwork. How do you stop that turning into unmanageable stress? Part of it, first of all, is trying to manage the workload as best you can and don’t simply just keep piling stuff on without any thought about what it entails,” explained Mr Beaston.

He added: “The second most important point is to give the employee some bit of control over their work. Employees can feel a lot better about their workload and managing it if they have a degree of choice.”

The CIPD believe some firms should look at introducing employee assistance services so that staff have somewhere independent they can turn if they start to experience problems and seek help.

It is hoped with the correct resources and mechanisms in place, businesses may see a reduction in work-related anxiety and depression and therefore a beneficial impact on a company’s absence management performance.

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