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Employers aren’t offering flexible working

Published: February 29, 2016

Just a quarter of the UK’s workforce is given the option to work flexibly, according to recent research conducted by Powwownow. This suggests that it is only considered as an option if it is directly requested by an employee, rather than employers offering it voluntarily.

Attitudes don’t seem to have changed much since the Flexible Working Law was passed in June 2014. This law gives all employees the right to request flexible working after 26 weeks’ employment service.

60 per cent of respondents stated that they’re not encouraged to work flexibly, while 53 per cent have never worked hours outside of the office.

However, 62 per cent of people believe they would be more productive if they could spend time working outside their usual place of work and 58 per cent admit that being able to choose where to work from would help them to think more creatively and would boost their motivation.

These results are surprising, as many UK businesses are eager to showcase their flexibility towards staff with young families and other extra-curricular interests, according to Powwownow.

While flexible working options would certainly benefit from some improvement, the UK is still well ahead of its European peers, as just six per cent of workers in France have been offered flexible working.

Jason Downes, managing director of Powwownow, says the results help to paint a picture of how UK businesses don’t appear to be as accommodating and flexible as they would have many believe.

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