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Employees on the hunt for new jobs

Published: March 7, 2016

The majority of the UK workforce are on the lookout for new jobs, according to recent findings.

Research published by IIex International revealed that over half (59 per cent) of the UK workforce is actively looking for a new job this year.

Its report entitled ‘Staff migration: The security impact to businesses’ showed that it is now more critical for firms to ensure that their systems are robust to prevent unauthorised access.

Failing to do this could result in serious security implications for businesses and could also have a negative impact on access to employee data.

The report suggested that with 39 per cent of large businesses take up to a month to close dormant accounts, such companies are leaving the door open to opportunistic hackers and disgruntled former employees.

According to the research, large businesses performed better than small and medium size enterprises, with 58 per cent removing access to data on or before the day of departure.

This compares to 56 per cent of medium and 32 per cent of small businesses.

Speaking about the findings, Simon Hember, group business development director at Acumin Consulting – now part of the Red Snapper Group said, “As the economy picks up, we’re expecting big changes in the workforce this year. The IT sector alone is expected to see sixty-three percent of UK professionals looking to change jobs in 2016.

“The movement in this department could result in increased security implications, with those responsible for controlling access to systems also in transition.”

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