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Childcare ‘major business issue’

Published: November 25, 2016

Childcare is a key issue for businesses in their ability to retain and attract staff members, according to new research.

A study by the British Chambers of Commerce and Middlesex University found 33 per cent of employers believe that their staff face issues surrounding the availability of childcare.

Polling 1,627 business leaders, it was found that nine per cent feel they have lost employees because of childcare costs, while 12 per cent believe productivity has been reduced due to childcare-related problems.

Adam Marshall, director general at the BCC, said: “Government must take a clear and detailed look at the costs and benefits of a universal childcare entitlement, to bridge the gap between parental leave and the start of school. This could take the form of a family account that enables parents to select the support that’s right for their working patterns from the market.

“In time, this could help businesses raise productivity, and help more parents stay in work. As businesses have evolved to become more flexible, government policy should also evolve; to help as many working parents as possible stay in the workplace.”

David Williams, director of corporate engagement at Middlesex University, added it is vital for businesses to be able to attract and retain skilled workers and therefore the government needs to ensure childcare choices are affordable and meet the needs of employees.

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