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Brits prefer home working to a pay rise

Published: May 25, 2016

A quarter of Brits would rather work a day at home than receive a pay rise, according to new research.

The study released as part of National Work From Home Day showed 48 per cent of workers are happier when they work from home, with 32 per cent feeling they are more productive when they do so.
Conducted by the Institute of Inertia, the survey also found many employees feel they suffer from procrastination issues when working in the office. They feel working from home increases productivity because there are fewer interruptions, more flexibility, fewer meetings and greater control of to-do lists.

Interestingly, home working is more productive for older workers, with 73 per cent of over-45 year-olds feeling they get more done at home, compared to 30 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Dr Thomas Webb, social psychologist at the Institute of Inertia, said: “Working from home not only allows workers to embrace a healthier work-life balance but also gives them the opportunity to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than be distracted by meetings and everyday office life.

“It also makes employees feel trusted and valued by their bosses, leading to higher retention levels.”

Employers will be pleased to find only 12.5 per cent of women and 11 per cent of men admitted they used home working as a chance to do less work.

Companies may also find that flexible working can help to improve the time and attendance patterns of their workforce and reduce absences.

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