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Are you benefiting from your HR system?

Published: May 31, 2018

If you’ve been through the implementation of a new HR system you’ll understand the time and thought that goes into it before it goes live. As time goes on, your requirements change. Your staff requirements change and, with GDPR, legal requirements change.


So take a moment, a cup of tea and think. Have things changed? Are you getting the most of your HR system? There are a couple of common causes that you could be experiencing.


Reduced administrators

Since the last recession there has been a decline in system administrator roles. Historically these people may have fixed a short-term budget problem but not maximising their return on investment long term.


Bottlenecked administrators

Systems normally are assigned super users that can review and implement new features, but they already have a full time role. Many changes over recent years (e.g. legislation reform, talent management, new regulations, pension changes, data handling etc) may not have been implemented. Even though these super admins may not intend to be a bottleneck for your HR system, they may inadvertently be doing so.


Lost knowledge

People naturally leave organisations. An unfortunate by-product of that is any expertise and insight into systems and the organisation can be potentially lost.

So do organisations stop evolving their solutions because of lost knowledge or potentially too busy? Of course not. Organisations evolve to sustain their business goals and growth. Your HR systems should evolve to meet the ever-changing needs.


To ensure you can get the best from your HR system there are two things you can do right now:

  1. An internal upgrade process. Collaboratively work with the all representatives from HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development and Payroll. Review the release documentation and create a combined approach. Ensure that you secure the time and user buy-in to implement the changes internally, testing before you roll out. You may need to communicate internally to make sure everyone knows what is happening and how this affects them.
  2. Talk to your software supplier. With a wealth of HR and Payroll experts and a trusted partnership, they can help you to get the most out of your system. Work with them to develop a best practice strategy, building operationally efficient processing workflows. This saves you time and improves accuracy.

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