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Automate HR processes to engage more with your staff

Published: November 22, 2018

You’re in an all-too-common dilemma: you want your managers to spend more time engaging and developing employees, but they’re too busy with routine administrative duties. Where do you go from here? Automating many HR and operations-related processes are much easier than you think, and the benefits could be greater than you realise.

For HR teams, in particular, admin time can involve time and attendance management and payroll processing. In certain industries, ones which rely on workers across multiple sites working differing shift patterns, like the food and beverage, construction, manufacturing and logistics industries, these tasks are amplified.

Solutions are available now, which forward-thinking businesses have already adopted, include time and management software, HR tools, access control systems and payroll solutions.


How automatic processes benefits your staff

One of the most important roles of HR should be engaging with and improving the wellbeing and development of staff. Where once we all talked about the health-related wellbeing of our workforce, now mental wellbeing and financial wellbeing are equally important. All of that can’t be done effectively while HR teams are manually updating all the attendance records, employee data entry, payroll and other tasks that a software suite can take care of in a fraction of the time. Employees will get more face time with HR and managers, feel they can feedback up the chain and make a difference to company strategy and performance. Staff can also access an area of the workforce management software to update details, review holiday requests and more – all saving your HR teams further time.


It’s a two-way street

While the staff are happier with this culture change, your team leaders will be much better off, too. In HR and operations, they’ll relish spending less time on admin. The ability to view the workforce management portal online, from any device, and sign off staff requests, prepare shift patterns and the like, means they can focus more on their teams. Staff will be developed more and planning for future budget rounds or shifts in production schedules, perhaps at busy times of the year, becomes easy. Automation software can be refined to a business’ needs so that real-time reports can be generated at the touch of a button.


Your business is the big winner

Anything that improves the bottom line is welcome, and automating your workforce processes will certainly do that. With staff being better engaged, the work culture will improve, and you’ll start attracting more talent, and better retain the top talent you already have. Automatic time and attendance software, especially when linked to access control systems, reduces time theft, allows for better forecasting and enables management to spot damaging and costly absenteeism or sickness patterns.


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