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Work stress linked to type 2 diabetes

Published: June 17, 2016

Increased pressure at work could increase the risk of employees developing type 2 diabetes, claims new research.

A study compiled by the National Charity Partnership found around three in five people are at risk of developing the condition because of their workload preventing them taking a lunchtime break.

According to researchers, 32 per cent of people admitted their work interfered with them being able to leave their desks at lunch, while 14 per cent said their workplace encouraged them to skip the break.

Babs Evans, head of prevention for the National Charity Partnership, explained when workers are stressed and feel the need to work through lunch it can have a significant impact on their overall lifestyle.

She added: “Work-related stress puts a strain on your mental wellbeing and can have a knock-on effect on your physical health.

“People under too much pressure at work are more likely to eat unhealthily and stop being active: behaviours which are linked to a number of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes and heart and circulatory disease.”

The partnership is calling on workers to take at least a ten minute break away from their desk and spend some time going for a walk to clear their head.

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