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Office workers facing weight problems

Published: January 24, 2017

Office workers are facing higher rates of obesity compared to the national average, claims new research.

According to figures from, 63 per cent of UK people are now overweight or obese and health problems related to obesity are costing the British economy over £8.2 billion per year.

As part of National Obesity Awareness Week, research looked at the industries that could be resulting in weight gain amongst workers. Those employed in the leisure and hospitality industry were the least likely to put on weight, however, those working in administration had obesity rates of 77 per cent – 15 per cent higher than the country as a whole.

Darren Best, managing director of, who helped in the research, explained: “Multiple industries are losing millions of pounds a year due to workers being increasingly absent due to sickness, as well as an advance in prejudice against those overweight.

“Managers must encourage their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office. We encourage our employees to get out of the office during lunch hours, which not only keeps you active, but refreshes the brain, keeping our employees productive. It is vital that senior staff and managers take time out of their schedule to do this, influencing a healthy workforce.”

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