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Absenteeism – Why should it matter to you?

Published: January 11, 2019

Absences within any workforce are something of an inevitability. Even the hardest working individuals are going to find themselves needing time off outside of their designated holiday allowance. Whether it be personal reasons or sickness, organisations will always need a flexible approach to the attendance of staff members. 

However, there can also be times when workers seemingly take advantage of an employer’s relaxed approach. Many workers may not see the act of missing a shift as being a particularly pressing cause for concern but for some organisations the situation can be difficult to resolve. 

For instance, organisations will often need to find cover, which in some cases could involve calling in another member of staff that may not have been scheduled previously. Organisations may need to hire temporary staff, which equates to paying higher rates, as well as additional training. 

Causes of absenteeism include many legitimate reasons such as illness, burnout, childcare needs, mental health issues, disengagement or injury.  

A 2018 report highlights that workplace absence is costing UK organisations £18bn in lost productivity. This is part of an increasing trend that has seen workplace absence increase since 2011.  

One of the main issues cited as a major contributor to absenteeism in the UK was mental health issues which have increased by 71.9% since 2011. The report shows that mental health issues hits those in their 30s and 40s worst. Balancing work and family and financial pressures were stated as a reason for mental health affecting these UK workers.  


What can software do about it? 

HR software with absence tracking keeps all the information in one place. This means that managers aren’t pressured to stay on top of all their employees absences. Having all requests and records in one place is beneficial for employees too, as they then know exactly where to go to book leave with ease. All managers need to do then is log on and view all the requests and reasons for absences.

Time and Attendance systems make it easy for managers to track attendance patterns and discover problem areas before they get out of control. The systems also mean there is a chance to discuss the situation with individuals and find out whether there is an underlying reason behind their absences, which in turn can make it easier to find a solution. 

In many cases, just knowing there is an automated employee absence management system in place is often enough to stop staff members from taking unnecessary leave. 


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