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TUC: Home working on the rise

Published: May 26, 2016

There has been a rise in the number of employees working from home in the UK.

Figures from the TUC revealed a 19 per cent increase in homeworkers over the past ten years – meaning around 241,000 people have a home-based office.

The largest growth in home working has been amongst female employees, with a rise of 35 per cent over the last decade. However, men still make up the majority of homeworkers, with 912,000 working from home in 2015, compared to 609,000 females.

Data produced by the union also found older workers are more likely to work from home, with 454,000 of those aged in their 40s working regularly at home.

There were also regional differences, with the South West having the highest proportion of home workers, followed by the East of England and the South East. However, Northern Ireland had the lowest proportion of homeworkers.

It is expected the trend towards home working will continue, especially within the key industries of IT, agriculture and construction. 

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of WorkWiseUK, which organises the annual National Work From Home Day, said: “The structure of our economy and consequently our workplaces has changed significantly.

“Cultural, economic and social changes are affecting attitudes to how we balance or mix work and lifestyle, where increasing mobility and technology is shifting the acceptance or need for traditional office-based work patterns, to be replaced by more home-based, flexible ways and periods of work.”

However, the TUC stressed many employers still need to do more to embrace the benefits of home working.

With recent advances in technology, it has become easier for firms to facilitate flexible working practices with the development of cloud solutions.

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