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Benefits of a time and attendance system

Published: July 12, 2018

HR departments are some of the busiest departments in a business. They have multiple hats they fling on at different stages throughout the day to cope with the volume of enquires from employees across the business.  

Tracking time and monitoring attendance is a draw on HR time, and is something that can be automated to free up HR time and ensure staff are getting accurate information, when they need it.  

Here’s a few benefits of Time and Attendance systems:


Reduce errors 

However perfect we think we are (or our Instagram followers tell us we are) we are human. Human error occurs even when we’re planned and proof-checked. Automatic Time and Attendance systems are an easy way to make sure your employees get paid what they should get paid and when they should get paid. Tracking time ensures your staff won’t get overpaid or underpaid depending on their hours, and if they are due flex leave.  

Payroll errors aren’t something you want to get wrong, and employees could get disgruntled with late payments with the wrong amounts. Time and Attendance systems can ensure your staff get paid the right amount for the hard work they’ve completed.  

Human errors can be hugely costly to businesses too, which can really hurt your company. Avoid all these errors and reduce risk by automating your Time and Attendance.  



Increase security 

Everyone knows internal security is of the upmost importance. With GDPR now in full swing, companies are already being stung for not keeping data up to date and secure.  

With Time and Attendance systems, long gone are the days HR departments have stacks of paper timesheets riffling through them to find absences and sick leave. Not only are paper timesheets an unnecessary waste for the environment, but they also pose security risks of information leaking.  

Time and Attendance systems often come along with HR management software that provides secure ways of managing people data, reducing the risk of data being seen by eyes that no one wants it to be seen by. The office gossip will have to source her information from somewhere else.  

Save money

Time is money. We don’t know where that saying came from (or even how accurate it is…) but what we do know is that Time and Attendance systems have proven to save companies money.  

Mitrefinch customer Advance Metals said:  

“We believe the Mitrefinch TMS system has saved us around 1 to 2 per cent of payroll per annum and has proved itself to be more accurate than doing it manually.” 

Your organisation could save huge amounts of money by implementing a system to automate your Time and Attendance. Not only do they reduce staff time and therefore save costs, but the systems also make sure staff aren’t clocking off early without telling anyone, leaving a void in the work that needs completing.

Increase employee satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction is hugely important, keeping workers happy is key for any business. When employees know they have access to their own information through technology, knowing they can request holiday, look at flex leave, manage their benefits and clock in times, satisfaction is bound to increase. This empowerment will benefit employees and employers, knowing there is trust and clear communication through the process. This process is hugely valued in company culture, and will be attractive to talent looking to come and work with your company.   



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