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Using customisable HR software to remain compliant

Published: December 19, 2018

With a seemingly ever-growing list of employment laws and regulations to keep on top of, being able to automate as much of your record keeping as possible is vital.

Thankfully, the latest HR software not only helps your teams update records faster, but it also reports on them via a bespoke dashboard tailored to your requirements. Using the latest tools helps all types of industry sectors, particularly those with staff working in multi-regulated industries like food and beverage production and manufacturing.


Monitoring training and development

Individuals see training as a path to career development and learning new skills. While admirable, and something all good companies encourage, for many industries training and development is also a matter of compliance. In many industries the number of legislative changes that require staff be re-trained will surprise many.

So, to remain compliant, business needs to be quick in training individuals. Good HR software schedules training and informs staff when training is due. It regularly reports back in real-time, so management knows at any moment who has been trainedand who hasn’t. Users say the amount of time saved using HR software is huge and giving employees access to their information and training needs is inclusive.


Your dashboard and report set-up

Solutions like the HR software allow companies to create their bespoke dashboard. And because every client has a project manager assigned to them, setting up the dashboard to suit you is easy.

You can then assign any number of alerts that can help with your reporting. In compliance terms, your system could alert management if an employee was approaching the legal amount of time worked over a set period. Working hours would affect drivers in logistics, for example.

The reporting can also help management teams plan for new training sessions to fit in with shift patterns, something of relevance to manufacturing industries, for example.


Safety first for construction companies

Keeping up to date with the latest training is not only a legal compliance issue. In the case of construction workers, for instance, it can be a matter of employee safety. If the worst happened and there was an accident, your business could be held responsible if the member of staff had not received the proper training.

Using bespoke HR software ensures all site staff are fully trained, and managers are alerted if any employee or contractor fails to attend a training session.


Keeping track of disciplinary and grievance procedures

Accurate HR record keeping is vital whenever a business launches a disciplinary action against an employee, or if an employee airs a grievance against the company. Keeping track of all HR records and processes within your HR software ensures your team remains in control each step of the way.


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