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UK lacking digital skills

Published: July 29, 2016

Digital skills in the UK may be lagging behind levels in other countries, claims a report from Barclays.  

The bank polled some 10,000 workers across ten countries and found British workers may be being outpaced when it comes to digital talent.

While 39 per cent of Brazilians feel confident in building a website, only 16 per cent of British people feel they could.

The report into digital education, skills and confidence, commissioned by Ashok Vaswani, the chief executive of Barclays UK, described the UK as one of the most active online consumer markets in the world, but there is a skills gap and it is crucial the situation is tackled.

“In the previous century, most of us had to cope with just one big shift in technology in our career or lifetime, and we’ve been able to rely on our early education to get us through,” Mr Vaswani said.

“But now these changes are happening constantly, through the evolution of the internet, smartphones, social media and the advent of new technologies like blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and open data.”

In terms of developing vocational skills, Estonia and South Korea had the best workplace digital training, with the majority of staff being offered the ability to improve their skills, compared to just 38 per cent of British workers feeling the same.

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