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Remote holiday working could offer benefits

Published: December 13, 2016

As the festive season quickly approaches, many staff will be considering their holiday plans, so companies could consider how flexible working could boost morale and increase productivity.

Research by West Unified Communications Services found 17 per cent of full-time employees believe being able to work while visiting relatives could prove beneficial, especially if they are running out of annual leave as the end of the year approaches.

“Remote work and vacation policies can differ dramatically by industry and job level,” Mr Bellmar said.

“For instance, some employees might not be allowed to work remotely due to their company’s security/IT policies. However, HR departments [may] encourage workers to take their PTO to prevent burnout and maintain employee engagement.”

Companies are also reminded to make sure they have the right infrastructure in place to allow staff to work from home or while travelling.

By providing the correct technology, firms could increase staff retention as well as boost productivity, especially in a period of the year that is usually regarded as quiet for many businesses.

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