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Business need to keep track of tech

Published: October 6, 2016

Businesses need to ensure they have up-to-date technology to keep up with the demands of the changing work environment.

The Future Workforce Study, commissioned by Dell and Intel, consulted with 4,000 workers from around the world and found technology is key to long-term success.

One in five UK workers said they would leave their jobs if the technology was not up to the task, while a quarter felt their company’s current setup was failing them.

“The reality is that technology is really, really important; seven in ten millennials would consider the technology before they would take a role,” Dell’s UK HR director Dan Grant told IT Pro.

He added: “Employees expectations are changing, and employers need to keep pace with those changing expectations.”

With the introduction of new creative ways of working such as WhatsApp and cloud computing, as well as the move towards mobile, flexible and home working, means technology is vital across a whole range of sectors and industries.

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