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Two-thirds of applications contain mistakes

Published: April 5, 2016

Nearly two thirds of job applications contain mistakes, according to new findings.

Research published by HireRight, revealed that the majority (64 per cent) of jobseekers include incorrect information on their applications.

This represents an eight percentage point rise in the proportion of people, either deliberately or accidentally putting the wrong information on their CVs. In 2014, the figure was 56 per cent.

Indeed, the study showed that December 2015 saw the highest monthly level of application inaccuracies since mid-2011.

Speaking about the findings, Steve Girdler, managing director at HireRight, said: “Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the reputation and performance risks of not carrying out thorough due diligence on candidates. 

“As a result, candidates need to pay real care and attention to their initial applications, making sure that every job title, grade and date is accurate. Otherwise, they risk holding up the recruitment process when the business comes to check the information they have provided.”

The analysis showed that 67 per cent of jobseekers provided false information during this month. 

In fact, despite the directives introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority showed that seven in ten (70 per cent) financial services job applications currently contain errors.  

Mr Girdler added: “While the new regulation only affects senior positions, companies are aware that they need to have a comprehensive recruitment process in place at all levels to avoid finding skeletons in the closet, for instance when people are promoted.”

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