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The spooky truth of not using Workforce Management Solutions this Halloween

Published: October 26, 2018

It’s spookily true, the realities of not using Workforce Management Solutions are eerily real. Here are 4 spooky truths you could be experiencing if you don’t use Workforce Management Solutions this Halloween:  

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 1. The real-life nightmare – Not knowing where your staff are 

Not knowing where your remote staff are, how many hours they’re clocking or if they are taking appropriate breaks is a real nightmare. Systems like the time and attendance solution from Mitrefinch gives accurate records by clocking staff movements, and it’s available on mobile – meaning you will know where even your remote staff are at any given time.  

Workforce management solutions aren’t just brilliant for remote staff. By introducing access control and biometric time and attendance readers, you will know who is on site, and when. In a moment of fright, run easy reports to let you know who’s missing and you can arrange cover simply. Nightmare averted.  


 2. Spookily true – You could save money no more witchful thinking

It’s spookily true – you could be spending more money than you need to be without realising it. Time is money. Time and attendance systems have proven to save companies money, just like Mitrefinch customer Advance Metals, who said:   

“We believe the Mitrefinch TMS system has saved us around 1 to 2% of payroll per annum and has proved itself to be more accurate than doing it manually.”  

Your organisation could save precious money by implementing a system to automate your time and attendance. Not only do they reduce staff time and therefore save costs, but the systems also make sure staff aren’t clocking off early without telling anyone, leaving a void in the work that needs completing. It’s spookily true – you could save a whole heap of cash.  


 3. The floorboards creaking – Your staff aren’t pleased  

It’s no surprise that employee happiness is of the upmost importance. When employees know they have access to their own information through technology, knowing they can request holiday, look at flex leave, manage their benefits and clock in times, satisfaction is bound to increase. This empowerment will benefit employees and employers, knowing there is trust and clear communication. This process is hugely valued in company culture, and will be attractive to talent looking for their next workplace.  

Avoid creaks in your workforce and keep them happy with clear and easy processes, all in one place.  


 4. The great unknown – Avoid the horror of human error

Human error is no scare tactic, but a real issue. Automatic time and attendance systems that link to payroll is a sure way to ensure your employees get paid what they should get paid and when they should get paid. Payroll errors aren’t something you want to get wrong, and employees could get disgruntled with late payments with the wrong amounts.  

Human errors can be hugely costly to businesses too, which can really hurt your company. Avoid all these unknown errors and introduce systems to ensure clear and easy communication, without the great unknown of unavoidable human error. 


Stay on the light side this Halloween with treats not tricks, and explore options of Workforce Management Solutions in your company. Get in touch with us today on 0845 619 0070 or


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