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Jobseekers applying for positions from their bedroom

Published: April 18, 2016

A growing number of jobseekers are making applications from the comfort of their bedroom, according to new findings.

The research showed that 12 per cent of people do not even get out of bed to search for new positions. Thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, it means that it is no longer necessary to head out of the house to look for new vacancies.

Just under a third (30 per cent) look for jobs while they are on their way to work. The research was conducted by Madgex, a firm that specialises in creating job boards. Tom McCarthy, chief executive at Madgex, said that user behaviour can help firms to refine their hiring practices and ensure that they are more successful. The study gathered data by following the daily routine of jobseekers.

Knowing when and how people search for jobs can not only help firms to know when the best time is to send email alerts and reminders, it can also help businesses to gain access to some of the most talented individuals. With skills shortages being such a major issue for many companies, becoming more familiar with the behaviour of jobseekers can help to plug the gap.

Another way to improve hiring practices is to invest in HR Software that can give managers a complete breakdown of employee data and skillsets.

Mitrefinch offers tailor-made technology that can enable firms to gain a fuller picture of the knowledge and expertise of their staff members.

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