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How innovative time and attendance software drives the food and beverage industry

Published: November 19, 2018

It’s one of the most fast-paced business sectors with fine margins and a reliance on factory-floor employees working in multiple locations and on differing shift patterns. The forward-thinking food and beverage industry is, therefore, turning to digital time and attendance software to make significant workforce management efficiencies.


Industry giants trust Mitrefinch

Huge UK food and drink manufacturers, like Nestlé and the tartan-packaged Walkers Shortbread,  benefit from time and attendance software, adding improvements to their bottom line. Julie Grant, assistant HR manager for Walkers Shortbread, relates why the software has worked so well with its 1,200 permanent staff, which climbs to 1,800 at peak times, over two factory sites.

She said: “We used our clock card system which required manual punching in and out at the start and end of the day.

“We desperately needed to modernise and chose Mitrefinch’s TMS system because it was by far the most user-friendly of all systems we investigated; something which is vitally important when so many people will be using it – particularly season workers who won’t have the benefit of system training.”

Julie said the iconic Scottish brand was impressed with Mitrefinch’s commitment to development.

“The software is being constantly updated and brought forward,” she said, “to the point where it is practically a bespoke system built especially for us because we can so easily adjust it to mirror our needs.”


Efficiencies for Walkers Shortbread

The business highlighted these key improvements:

  • Halving the time to do payroll
  • Instant access to workforce movements, ensuring swift response to absence or lateness
  • Using built-in system alerts to highlight if an employee is approaching compliant maximum hours, like the Working Time Directive
  • Reporting to management, informing planning and policy and giving insights into the workforce demographic

Julie concluded: “Mitrefinch has revolutionised the way we manage time, attendance and payroll and we wouldn’t be without them.”


Other benefits of time and attendance software

  • When combined with building access control systems, you’ll know who is working at any time and how much each employee has worked over a pay period
  • Manage shifts easily, and find shift cover when some staff are on holiday or sick, or when extra capacity is required
  • Allow line managers to see real-time staff attendance data on their PC, or on the move via tablet or phone, and to approve holiday requests quickly
  • Ensure staff are paid correctly for the hours they work, including when they should get higher-rate overtime, export time and attendance data to your payroll solution
  • Run reports at the touch of a button, enabling management to use historical data to oversee all employee time and labour costs and forecasts. This will also help to budget for seasonal working when required
  • Add the HR software manager to boost further efficiencies, such as monitoring all training and development requirements, ensuring your workforce remains compliant
  • It’s paperless – saving you money on printing and storage, and allowing ease of access for everyone
  • The software empowers employees, allowing them to see their timesheets, sick leave and annual leave data, without having to bother HR
  • Gives more time to your HR teams to focus on employee engagement and development


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