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Govt to encourage schools to emphasise apprenticeships

Published: February 16, 2016

The government has introduced a new law that is designed to end the ‘snobbery’ towards apprenticeships.

Under the legislation, schools must allow access to apprenticeship providers and colleges, and place an equal emphasis on the non-academic routes that pupils can take after the age of 16.

The new measurements were introduced after ministers became concerned that some of the more vocational qualifications were being sidelined by schools, with some unwilling to explore technical or professional routes.

Under the directives, apprenticeship providers and staff from colleges visit schools as part of careers advice from early secondary school.

Speaking about the developments, Nicky Morgan, education secretary, said: “For many young people going to university will be the right choice, and we are committed to continuing to expand access to higher education, but for other young people the technical education provided by apprenticeships will suit them better.

“That’s why I’m determined to tackle the minority of schools that perpetuate an outdated snobbery towards apprenticeships by requiring those schools to give young people the chance to hear about the fantastic opportunities apprenticeships and technical education offer.”

This new law will ensure that schools will be required by law to collaborate with colleges, university technical colleges and other training providers to inform pupils about all of the options that are available to them.

The government will look to bring in the legislation at the earliest opportunity, with more information to be set out in the forthcoming careers strategy.

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