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Employers should embrace Olympics

Published: August 9, 2016

Companies are being advised to embrace the Rio Olympic Games as it could boost productivity.

Employment law specialist Peninsula found 64 per cent of employees believe they would be more efficient at work if they were able to watch key sporting events in the workplace.

The survey of almost 1,000 employees concluded companies should consider installing a television for the duration of the games, as it would also reduce the frequency of workers checking social networking sites for the latest scores.

Many staff members (46 per cent) would also welcome clearer policies on watching sporting events in the office, as well as wanting their employers to offer flexible working during major competitions and the ability to switch shifts with colleague.

Alan Price, HR director at Peninsula, said: “The first half of the summer of sports including the Euro and Wimbledon had the nation gripped, but with the Rio Olympics just around the corner it is important for employers to plan ahead, particularly small and medium size businesses, for how they will manage employees who wish to watch the games and join in with the festivities.”

He added firms should consider taking a pro-active approach to Rio 2016 by decorating the workplace, and holding themed events in a bid to boost morale amongst sporty workers.

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