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Do you know the true price of what you sell?

Published: March 9, 2016

One of the major problems that many firms come up against is knowing how much their product or service is worth.

As if pricing your services and planning a budget wasn’t difficult enough, knowing how much to invest in the things that you provide can also be an uphill struggle. However much of this depends upon the services that you are offering. For example, if you source materials from a supplier or you rely upon many third-party suppliers, then you will probably need to spend quite a bit on your products and services.

It also depends on your level of demand and your location. But with all those variables taken into consideration, our quick guide below gives further advice on how much to invest in your services. Generally, the answer is that unless you are specifically offering a cut-price product or budget services, then you should be prepared to dedicate quite a bit of your budget to what you offer.

Your commitment to high-quality goods will be rewarded by greater customer demand. In addition, consider our following advice below.

Market place

Research is the key here. Before you decide how much you ought to be spending, you should find out how much your competitors spend on similar products. It may also help to shop around for the best deal on any supplies or stocks you do purchase, as you may be able to reduce your overheads that way.


This is another important element that will really determine much of the financial decisions you make as a business. Stick to what you can afford, but at the same time, see if there is anything that needs to be prioritised as part of your budget. By the time you are ready to invest in your products or services, you should already have done all the comprehensive and detailed forecasts and projections.


Technology can play a major role in helping you to determine how much you should invest in your services. For example, time allocation and job costing software can help you to calculate your production costs and provide accurate client quotes and billing.

It could also reduce costs through labour planning and overtime control.

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