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Clocking the benefits of pets at work

Published: April 1, 2018

Man’s best friend is having an increasingly greater impact on our everyday lives. We’ve all heard about the potential benefits of bringing your pet to work – reduced stress, growth in team bonding, healthier living and increased productivity. In the UK we even have a day dedicated specifically to bringing your dog to work, which this year is June 22nd.

There has also been a significant increase in the number of jobs that working dogs perform, including search and rescue, therapy dogs and detection dogs. Inline with this rise globally we need to look at ways of addressing an all important question: how can our canine colleagues and companions feel more valued during their time in the working environment?

Which is why we’re proud to announce the development of our latest Biometric technology, specifically for dogs. Canine Time Management System is the latest world leading software solution developed in-house at Mitrefinch. Ensuring all workers, human or otherwise, are clocked into the workplace correctly and efficiently, have access to suitable areas of the building and their whereabouts known.

Mitrefinch Innovation Director, Julie Lock states, “It’s important for Mitrefinch to continue to lead the marketplace with our Time and Attendance software and with this development we are leagues ahead of the competition. Just as humans can be identified by their fingerprints, dogs can be identified by their nose prints. If you look closely at a dog’s nose, you will see lines forming patterns, just like fingerprints.”

“Dogs, whether in the workplace for pleasure or those there to do a job, deserve to be recognised and this is the first step towards that. By using the nose to recognise each individual dog on our biometric clocking tool, businesses can be sure that any person or pooch entering the building is logged”.

Head of Product Design, Samantha Cohen added, “Due to the similarities between the way we biometrically read a human finger and how we read a dogs nose, we were able to fast track the development of this ground breaking solution.”

Mitrefinch are now looking at the wider potential of clocking systems across a range of birds and animals including access control for budgerigars.

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