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Forestry Commission

This leading organisation has been working with Mitrefinch to improve employee tracking and safety for more than ten years.

Mitrefinch produced solutions for The Forestry Commission that:

  • Solved challenges of flexible working practices
  • Brought ongoing benefits over the last decade
  • A multi-solution approach has improved on-site safety

Addressing the challenges of flexible working

The Forestry Commission’s Aberystwyth office was facing difficulties keeping track of staff movements due the number of part-time workers. Relying on a paper-based system was leading to extra administrative costs and left supervisors unable to accurately appraise workers.

In 2004, the Welsh-based Forestry Commission office approached Mitrefinch to develop a solution that would improve tracking using IT and enable accurate real-time data of employee movements.

Solutions designed to meet specific needs

A tailor-made solution was created using two of Mitrefinch’s leading solutions – Time and Attendance and Access Control. Adopting the Time and Attendance system means staff were able to use terminal and online clocking-in methods which worked well for monitoring flexible working.

Valuable ongoing support

Mitrefinch was also able to provide training for Forestry Commission staff to use the system. In addition, the organisation praised the Mitrefinch support staff for being friendly and helpful.


With the Mitrefinch solution, there was an immediate reduction in paperwork and an increase in effective reporting. Supervisors quickly identified that some staff were not taking the correct break entitlements and made use of the system’s minimum lunch clocking option to ensure compliance.

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