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Mitrefinch work with Radiant Cleaners

Published: July 9, 2018

On 18th June 2018, Mitrefinch launched a new office in Nottingham. The office comes alongside significant growth for Mitrefinch and provides the opportunity to tap into fresh talent to help evolve their HR software development offering. The office was developed to bring an environment that encourages teams to be creative, work collaboratively and inspire innovation. With the addition of beach huts as meeting rooms and ping pong tables, the space takes a fresh look on how to improve employee experience. Throughout the project, the staff at Mitrefinch’s ideas directed the creative process. 

The vision for the Nottingham office was to support local businesses and give back into the community they are joining. One of their local partnerships include Radiant Cleaners, a cleaning company that give opportunities to people many of whom face significant barriers to employment including people with a history of homelessness and those who have recently left prison. Radiant Cleaners aim to eradicate poverty and unemployment in Nottingham, and Mitrefinch are proud to be partnered with them. 

We caught up with Matt, founder of Radiant Cleaners, before the launch of Mitrefinch’s Nottingham office. Read their encouraging story here.  


Q: Tell me about Radiant Cleaners   

Radiant Cleaners is a cleaning company with a difference. We’re a social enterprise based in Nottingham who employ people with years of cleaning experience alongside members of the community who would ordinarily face significant barriers in employment. This includes people with a history of homelessness, ex-addicts and those who’ve just left prison. Providing employment opportunities is such a privilege for us and we get to see transformation in people’s lives. I set up the company 6 months ago after previously running a gardening company with the same ethos. I felt drawn to help the community and help rebuild the lives of members of our community who are struggling the most.  

Our aim is to help people live life to the fullest.   


Q: How do you go about employing people?   

We get approached by a variety of sources including the city council, probation services and the Jericho Road Project in Nottingham. We’ve got 50 or 60 people who want jobs – we’re not short of workers. But we’d love more contracts for Radiant Cleaners so that we can employ more people who are in need.  

We employ a whole range of people – a third of our employees have unstable lives and then others who help support them – this means we work as a team, and have solid foundations for those who have never been employed before.   


Q: How did Radiant Cleaners and Mitrefinch start working together?  

Mitrefinch opening an office in Nottingham is really good news for the job scene in Nottingham. Additionally, there was the possibility of Mitrefinch giving work to more than just the kinds of people who would apply for the jobs they were advertising. I tweeted Mitrefinch CEO Matt Jenkins to see if he wanted to work with us, and he did! We’re now providing all the cleaning services for the company which means we can give more opportunities to those in need.  

Bill landed his first ever job with Radiant Cleaners aged 52. He’s an ex-addict, ex-offender and ex-homeless. His life has changed now and the fact he can be a part of the Mitrefinch business is really amazing. He’s enjoying his job with Radiant Cleaners so much that his two sons who have also never been employed have approached us and asked for work.  

As a result of this service, lives, families and communities are being transformed and I’m so proud to be a part of that.   


Q: That’s so encouraging to hear. Have you got any other stories of how this work has helped people?  

We’ve got a new employee starting work this week, and he’s working on the Mitrefinch contract. He was referred to us by the city council as he’s leaving care. He reached adulthood and can’t be the councils responsibility anymore. It is great to be able to offer him an opportunity of working in a supportive team. That’s possible because of companies like Mitrefinch using Radiant Cleaners as a provider – above all its changing people’s lives.   


To get in touch with Radiant Cleaners visit their website or follow them on Twitter  

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