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Employers ‘must tackle workplace racism’

Published: November 15, 2016

A new report is calling for companies to act to help reduce racist incidents in the workplace.

Using data collected by YouGov that was analysed by researchers at the University of Manchester, the Business in the Communityreport concluded many workers experience regular racial behaviour while at work.

Dr Stephen Ashe and Professor James Nazroo examined accounts from 24,457 workers concerning racist harassment or bullying at work, and looked at how their employers ensure equality, diversity and fairness.

As well as impacting on workers’ mental wellbeing and stress levels, racism also had a negative impact on careers progression and training opportunities.

Sandra Kerr, race equality director at Business in the Community, called on the government to ensure there is ring-fenced funding to help support the Equality and Human Rights Commission and reduce incidents of racial bullying and harassment.

Dr Ashe added the report “further reinforces the need for employers to take immediate action against the entrenched nature of racism and racial inequality”.

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