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Employees “concerned over Brexit”

Published: June 27, 2016

Many European workers are concerned about the impact of leaving the European Union and feel their HR departments are failing to provide support.

A new survey by Totaljobs found nine out of ten European workers in the UK have worries, with 49 per cent fearing it could lead to them losing their job, while 37 per cent believe an exit could impact on their day-to-day life.

John Salt, group sales director at Totaljobs, explained the research showed many staff do have strong concerns about the possible political instability.

He added: “This may have an impact on productivity and employee turnover rates for UK employers. With the UK skills shortage already at a critical point, this is not a prospect many employers will relish.”

Worryingly, 61 per cent of those involved in the survey felt their HR department was not doing enough to keep them informed about the impact on their employment future.

The research also found many European Union expats would plan to stay in the UK even if the Brexit campaign is successful, with 50 per cent confirming they would apply for citizenship.

It is estimated there are around 2.2 million workers from the European Union currently employed in the UK – equating to 6.6 per cent of the overall workforce.

As it is still early on in the Brexit process only time will tell if these worries were a real concern.

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