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Businesses “need” good managers

Published: September 15, 2016

Businesses are keen to find workers with the right management skills to deal with any uncertainty.

Research by The Open University showed 69 per cent of employers believe they will need more staff with management skills, especially given the possible instability following the Brexit vote.

Steve Hill, director of external engagement at The Open University, explained many companies feel ineffective management is costly and are therefore keen to develop more competent leaders.

He added: “We must all work to reduce the learning-doing gap: by giving leaders access to training in flexible ways which they can fit around their working life, by developing practice-based courses, and by encouraging knowledge sharing wherever possible.

“When you consider these requirements, it becomes clear that technology has the potential to play a vital role. Seventy per cent of leaders are already using mobile devices for different learning opportunities. Engaging with trends like these can transform the way in which businesses develop management capability.”

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