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Why Flexipay?
Mitrefinch's Flexipay experts will explain how you can start driving payroll efficiencies in your business today.

Trusting that your payroll system is fast, accurate and compliant is critical. Using effective payroll software will change the way you work forever.

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Flexipay - Ensuring that your business can conquer the future of Payroll
Discover how to implement Mitrefinch's Flexipay Solutions today.

Key Features of Flexipay:
• Real time calculations – instantaneous gross to net
• Unlimited pay elements and benefits
• HMRC RTI recognised solution
• Multiple companies, multiple pay groups and multiple tax references on one payroll
• Electronic and/or secure email payslips
• In build reporting

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Discover how Flexipay can benefit you:
• Real time calculations provide instant payslip results
• Reduction in processing time
• Automation of complex calculations removing opportunities for errors
• Reduction of costs and real time reporting
• Ability to produce ad-hoc reports whenever required at no additional cost

What can we do to help?

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