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The impact of Euro 2016

Published: June 9, 2016

At the weekend Euro 2016 kicks off and, while the majority of the country will be hoping England go all the way, many employers may be wondering how to cope with their workers wanting to watch all the action live.

The tournament begins on June 10th and a total of 51 matches will be played in a month-long period – with the final eventually taking place on Sunday 10th July.

France is hosting this year’s competition, so there isn’t a massive time difference, plus it means many of the early group rounds will take place during normal office hours.

Add in that Wales and Northern Ireland have also qualified for the tournament, it is likely to impact on workers’ enthusiasm to turn up to the office if their home nation is involved in a mid-afternoon match.

So what can companies do to minimise the impact of Euro 2016?

Plan ahead

Encourage staff to put in their request for leave as soon as possible and make use of time and attendance software solutions to keep track of any rota changes. If you know staff are going to be absent, then you can plan around it – this is a lot easier then dealing with last-minute changes or unexpected “sickies”.

Be flexible

Remind workers they could take just half a day’s leave rather than a full day as matches don’t start until late afternoon. It may also be possible for some employees to work from home and take just a couple hours off to watch the game – the use of cloud software means it is now a lot easier for remote working in a whole host of industries.

Embrace the beautiful game

If all else fails, consider using the matches to build office morale. Would taking 90 minutes out of the day and showing the match in the office be better than staff phoning in sick? Consider running a sweep stake to get everyone involved in supporting a team. For those not into the football, you could offer them a Euro 2016-free zone during the match times so they can work in peace or read a book etc.

Alternatively, you could hope that none of the home nations make it past the first round and things quickly return to normal…. before the Rio 2016 Olympics begin in August.

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