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Mental health policies ‘vital’ for productivity

Published: December 2, 2016

Businesses need to ensure they develop a positive workplace with regard to mental health to help ensure productivity and reduce stress amongst workers, claims a new report

Research shows companies should look at how to tackle mental health issues and successfully manage employees who do have mental health issues.

The study conducted by Acas also found it is beneficial for employers to make workplace adaptations to support workers who may be returning from a period of absence, especially as it can help make more productive staff in the long term.

Acas chair Brendan Barber said: “One in six workers in the UK have poor mental health and our new research reveals that bosses can create a positive environment through education and training for staff, especially line managers.

“Businesses that promote a positive mental health environment at work have better staff morale, fewer absences and a low staff turnover. They also reap business benefits such as remaining productive and competitive.

“Acas has also published new guidance today on anxiety, which includes top tips on how to handle mental health issues in the workplace for managers and employees.”

Tips on improving support for workers include training line managers to be able to identify mental health problems, encourage joint approaches and provide information to all workers on the complexity of mental well being.

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