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Flexible working may boost happiness

Published: October 9, 2016

Being allowed to work flexibly and maintain a good work-life balance may boost happiness, according to new research.

A study by Cartridgepeople.com found those who work from home are more content and healthier than those who work in offices, especially those who are freelancers or self-employed.

Figures show those who work from home take an average of 2.4 sick days per year, compared to 2.6 days taken by those who have to go out for work, with 60 per cent of homeworkers expressing greater levels of satisfaction because they are able to work in comforting surroundings.

Removing the daily commute also means homeworkers are more able to fit in exercise, prepare proper meals or pursue interests outside of work.

Interestingly, 86 per cent of homeworkers involved in the research said they do not feel isolated or lonely, with many having regular contact with colleagues and clients.

CartridgePeople spokesman Andrew Davies said: “It’s particularly interesting to see how many homeworkers feel they have a better work-life balance than those who are based in the office and that they very rarely feel lonely – a common misconception, as many people presume spending so much time alone would have this effect.”

A recent study conducted by Recruitment International found that 30.5 per cent of the UK’s total workforce currently work from home, with increased technology and rising self-employed workers helping to boost this level in recent years.

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