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Watching sport could boost loyalty

Published: August 25, 2016

Many employees feel being allowed to watch major sporting events at work could help to increase the loyalty they feel towards their employer.

Research by totaljobs found 41 per cent of workers believe being given permission to follow sport during working hours could actually increase productivity in the long term.

A total of 30 per cent of businesses felt it could also help improve team morale and 13 per cent thought employees seem more motivated during key sporting events.

The poll was conducted after the recent Euro 2015 championship and found 18 per cent of employers did allow workers to watch some of the matches that took place during office hours.

John Salt, group sales director at totaljobs, said: “A sporting event such as the Olympic Games is a fantastic opportunity for employers to bring their workforce together and boost morale and positive attitudes towards the company.

“Workplaces that offer added perks such as time off to watch high-profile sporting events are more likely to retain talent within their business…anything employers can do to boost morale will help them to retain talent in the long-term.”

The latest Totaljobs Employment Index (TEI) also reported a 15 per cent increase in total job applications compared to last year as demand for positions continues to rise.

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