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Treat them well, keep them keen

Published: August 11, 2017

Newsflash: treating your employees mean doesn’t guarantee you’ll keep them keen. With 32 per cent of businesses struggling to retain their top talent, in many instances a ‘tough love’ approach will have your employees heading straight for the door. High staff turnover impacts a company’s bottom line through recruitment costs and also causes a lull in productivity when having to train up new recruits, both of which affect a business’ ability to operate at full capacity.

Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your employees feeling appreciated and engaged – and it doesn’t always involve a pay rise…

Recognise success

Big wins and milestones for the business as a whole are usually celebrated throughout the entire workforce, but smaller and personal successes should also be noted and recognised. A message of thanks or a simple email can go a long way in reminding your employees that their contributions to the business matter and that their efforts are appreciated.

React to issues quickly

In a high-stress work environment with a mix of different personality types, there are bound to be clashes every now and then. On top of that, issues with clients, workload and personal problems can also have an impact on how productive an employee is being. Letting them know that you are there to listen and support them – perhaps through an open door policy – offers reassurance that their wellbeing is being taken seriously.

Give them autonomy

No one likes to feel as if their manager is breathing down their neck. Offering your employees more autonomy over certain aspects of their jobs demonstrates that much-needed trust. For example, if they are given the freedom to control their own working hours, it shows a belief in their abilities, which will give them conviction to be more proactive in the future.

Invest in their future

An employee that feels as if they are heading somewhere and have a bright future within the company is an employee that will put more effort into their work. Employees are loyal to their careers as opposed to their jobs, so defined progression paths will allow them to visualise their advancement within the business. Setting achievable targets, offering relevant training courses and scheduling regular one-to-ones to monitor their progress are all effective ways of showing your employees that you see them as a crucial part of the business’ future.

An employee gives back to the business exactly what is received. For example, an early finish Friday to enjoy the sunshine can be willingly repaid as working late to meet a deadline. Once your employees know that they are trusted and appreciated, they are happier in their jobs – and happy, engaged employees mean a productive and successful business.

What are your best tips on keeping your employees at the top of their game? Let us know on Twitter and LinkedIn! For more advice on maximising the productivity in your business, get your free guide here.

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