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Employers influenced by social media profiles

Published: September 12, 2016

Online social media profiles could play an important role in the recruitment process, claims new research.

Monster and YouGov have discovered 56 per cent of UK employers admit that the online profiles of job candidates could influence their hiring decisions.

When considering taking on a new employee, many firms look at various social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to find out more about a potential worker.

Just over a third of the 4,000 HR professionals involved in the survey said they had decided not to interview a candidate after looking at their social media activity.

Jobseekers are being advised to consider how their online footprint could look to potential employers and ensure they create a favourable impression or review the security levels on their accounts.

Andy Sumner, managing director for Monster UK & Ireland, said: “More and more employees and employers are looking for a good cultural fit, so often a Google search will tell a recruiter more than a CV can.

“Candidates should think about what they use each channel for – whether personal or professional – to build a profile for themselves. The same applies to employers. The external employer brand of a business is really significant when attracting talent – so recruiters should think of the image they are projecting as an organisation, as well as spending time using social media to understand their interviewees.”

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