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Track employee working hours Range of clocking methods Manage vacations Export easily into payroll

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Plan your staff's schedules by dragging and dropping shifts into a planner

Let your staff clock in using biometric terminals, web or mobile portals

Absence Management
Spot absence patterns allowing you to take action based on real-time data

Approve Timesheets
Timesheets are grouped to allow administrators to quickly check through overtime, lateness and approvals

Pay Accurately
Import worked hours into payroll eliminating manual data entry and minimizing mistakes

Preconfigured and the ability to create custom reports to meet all your employee management needs

Fingerprint time and attendance

Achieve accurate time and attendance records

Mitrefinch offer a range of biometric time and attendance clocking in terminals which authenticates the attendance record using unique attributes such as fingerprints, eliminating time theft. So no forgotten or lost cards, no clocking-in for others. You can use a biometric solution the sole means of registering attendance, or used to verify identity in combination with a swipe or fob card which must be used to gain access to pre-approved areas.

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Ultimately this has saved managers and the HR team more than 27 days worth of time annually – 63 hours on processing holiday requests, 42 hours on absence enquiries and 100 hours amending personal details each year. This is a huge benefit because it gives managers and the HR team time to concentrate their efforts on higher level strategic issues, such as training, policy management and recruitment. Stuart Carroll, Yearsley Group

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