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Eliminate ‘time theft’ and reduce labour costs by 2-5%. The most reliable and accurate form of clocking-in which uses unique attributes such as fingerprints to authenticate employees details.

Complies with privacy regulations

Stores a digital representation of employee’s unique fingerprints ensuring that the employee’s privacy is protected and security maintained.

Increased security

Prevent staff from borrowing others access cards to gain entry into restricted areas by using biometric terminals.

Eradicate time fraud

Prevent time and attendance fraud with Lumidigm technology eliminating “time theft” on our biometric devices.

Accurate time and attendance

Provides you with irrefutable evidence of time and attendance to support time claims by former employees or contractors.

Reduce administration costs

No need to keep and update password lists minimising administration costs and saving you more time.

Simplify absence management

Software that allows you to customise holiday entitlements, calculate stat pay, and configure roll-over rules for automatic pay calculations.

"The software delivers everything we need it to and our account team are always there to help us maximise the insight from the statistics we can access. Mitrefinch’s time and attendance management system has revolutionised the way we manage time, attendance and payroll and we wouldn’t be without them.”

Julie Grant, Assistant HR Manager at Walkers Shortbread


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