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Check in. Check out. See precisely who’s where and when – and set secure access controls with high spec hardware

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Install high-tech control systems at your sites and add approved staff

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Real-time sight of who is where and when

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To-the-minute reports showing access to your sites

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Access Control

You need your sites to be secure. We know that. Whatever your industry and whatever your business type, you need to protect it and keep your sites safe. With high specification access control systems including advanced biometric technology, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our intelligent technology is keeping a watchful eye on access to your sites.

With this solution, you can:

  • Register fingerprints of staff
  • Restrict access to sites
  • Allow identified staff members access to numerous – or single – sites
  • Understand who is on site at any one time
  • See point in time reports of past access to sites

Whether you have multiple sites and entry points to monitor or simply want an extra level of security for one entry point, our access control solution puts you in complete control.

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