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Do you want the benefits of a Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system but without the IT infrastructure costs? Mitrefinch Cloud could be just what you’re looking for.

By leasing Time and Attendance software from us you can take advantage of over 35 years of expertise but without installation and infrastructure costs.

What can Mitrefinch Cloud offer?

The Cloud Awards, Finalists 2015-2016



Accurate calculations

Simple costing – By leasing our software based on employee numbers we keep pricing simple and clear by having all your costs in one package.


Set up faster – Because we manage the solution for you, your IT team can concentrate on ensuring your business runs efficiently without worrying about Time and Attendance.


Scalable – We will grow with you. Using Mitrefinch Cloud means you can have controlled growth of your Time and Attendance system with the growth of your business.


No upfront purchases – Having the ability to use web based clocking or mobile phone clocking it’s never been simpler to get started with Mitrefinch Cloud.


Reduce absenteeism – Employees arriving late and leaving early can quickly escalate to become a big issue for a company. Take a look at our ROI calculator and see how much you could be saving.


Employees take control – Employees can see recent clock ins, holiday’s planned and other entitlements. Giving employees relevant real-time information will allow them to take ownership over their own entitlements and attendance. 


Line managers take control – Line managers can approve and reject requests for leave and also see the bigger picture by seeing a whole departments leave on one screen.


Flexible – Mitrefinch is flexible with how you use our software for example you can access Mitrefinch through PC, mobile or tablet. We can also adapt to the needs of your flexible workforce, for example parents, careers, job-sharers or part-time staff in your company.


Minimal training - With our easy to use software, employees and supervisors will find minimal training is required before you start taking full advantage of a our Time and Attendance software in your company.

Fully Supported

Fully supported – Our UK call centre will be on hand to help you through any questions you may have with the system.

Simply fill out the form on this page and we will be happy to discuss your business requirements and how Mitrefinch can help your company.


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