Training and Qualifications

Are you using the Training Records area of HR Manager to its fullest potential?

Do you know how flexible the system can be? How it will make the practice of storing staff training records easier to do and easier to interrogate? 

Here is a breakdown of the key features:

Training Records may be regarded as essentially an electronic version of a filing system. However look further and you'll discover the added benefits of:

  • Every record being easily accessible
  • Fully reportable and customisable
  • With no size limitations
  • Securely backed up
  • Configurable to suit your business
  • With an automated reminder function of up and coming renewals
  • Helps you to organise your staff development programme more efficiently
  • It’s more powerful than a paper based filing system

Yes, all of this from just one function within the HR Manager software!


How Training and Qualifications can help you...



The system can be built to suit you the customer - All panels within the system can be configurable, meaning we will help you to develop the panels, drop downs and menus to create exactly what you need. 

Keeping track

Everything can be reported on – Custom reports can be built to suit your requirements, analysing any of the data input into the system. This means analysing skills within your workforce and making training requirement decisions is a simple job and can be done in a few clicks. 


You won’t run out of space – There is no limit to the amount of information that can be stored against each person or each company. The Mitrefinch system allows you to save as much information as you like.


Secure back up – Everything in the system is securely backed up, giving you total confidence that the information is always accessible. 


You will never miss a review date – A renewal reminder can be set by the user to interrogate qualifications and to trigger a reminder of renewal. This means that you will always be ahead of the game, ensuring alerts are sent well in advance of any due dates.


Makes staff development easier to manage – Because of its intuitive reporting, training records can be interrogated to display all staff with a specific level / qualification, giving you a clear and concise analysis to help with staff development and training. This reporting can be used, for example, to run a cost analysis against the value of training schemes and growth. 


Simplifies role requirements – You can use the system to specify the requirements of a job. This will give you the ability, for example, to run an analysis of all staff, highlighting the qualifications of each individual, matching up to specific roles. Again, this will assist with development, training schemes and internal promotion of staff. 



If you would like more information on the Training Records area of HR Manager or any of our other software solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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